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Local government system and women / Infographic



This year’s local government system celebrated its 20th anniversary. first local elections were held on November 10th, 1996. The system is still developing, there are many things to do, especially for the establishment of community councils. One of the indicators of the formation is women’s participation in local decision-making level, and in this respect it should be noted that the number of women in local self-governance has always been low.



The number of women over 20 years of existence of local governments, community leaders has not changed much over the years remaining 2% and a “glass ceiling” for women in drawing.



In the same period the number of women councilors nearly doubled, but it still remains very low, amounting to only 11.7%. According to the Ministry of Territorial Administration of Armenia and the development in 793 councils operating  5368, of which 633 are women.



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