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Alvard Mkhoyan: “I urge you to choose the worthy candidates, guided by the work and not  gorgeous promises”

As a result of local government elections in November, the communities of Lori, Metsavan, Dzunashogh, Mikhailovka and Pahaghbyur will unite. The center will be Metsavan. There are 18 candidates competing for the Council of Elders. Women in this community are quite active. Five of the nominees are women.


Our interlocutor is Alvard Mkhoyan, who is the principal of the N1 school in Metsavan and has been elected a member of the Metsavan Council for the last few elections. This time he was nominated for the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), which is scheduled for November 5. She says she was nominated, thinking she could somehow help her village and her school. “In the past, my cooperation with the community head and council was successful. I think that if elected, this time we will be able to work efficiently, jointly”, – she says.


– How many women have been nominated in your community? How do you assess the competition between men and women?


– There are quite active and intelligent women among the candidates, some of them formerly members of the Council of Elders. I do not know how in other communities, but in our opinion, women and men are free. At least there is pluralism in our community.


– What is the reason that a very small number of women are participating in the local elections?


Women have other, more important problems than political participation. Social hardship, emigration deprives many people of the opportunity to live active lives. The best of our school teachers emigrated from because of family settings. If they could find their place here, they probably would have nominated for a community mayor and a council member.


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