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Pre-term local elections: Two women nominated for community leader

The nomination and registration of candidates for the local self-government elections ended on May 21. On June 9, an extraordinary election will be held in 8 communities, and there are two women among 25 candidates running for office. They elect the seniors in 3 communities and none of them has nominated women.


According to the information published on the official website of the Central Electoral Commission, women candidates for community head are nominated in Karadzor and Sis communities of Lori and Ararat provinces.


Three candidates are nominated in Sis. Everyone is non-partisan and self-nominated. The competitors of the salesman of the shop Aghajanyan Siranush are the acting head of the community Hayk Melkonyan and private entrepreneur Lernik Tarkhanyan.


There are four candidates registered in Karadzor, three of them are non-party, all self-nominated. The woman candidate is Rostomyan Hranush, she is a member of the ruling “Civil Treaty” party. By the way, she is one of the members of the Council of Elders who resigned on March 11th this year.


Elections of council members will be held in Lernavan, Gorayk and Karadzor. There are no women among 37 registered candidates.


21 people will fight for becoming a council member in the enlarged community of Gorayk – all of them men.


The powers of the Community Council were prematurely terminated on March 2, 2012, as a result of the resignation of 4 members of the Council of Elders.


All eight candidates registered in Karadzor are men. Before the resignation of the council, there were three members, one of whom was a woman.


All 8 candidates running in Lernavan are men. The council consists of seven members, all members of the former Aldermen’s Council were men.


It should be noted that according to the schedule published in the CEC, candidates can self-nominate until May 30th at 18:00. The pre-election campaign will start on May 28th and end on June 7th.


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