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On the eve of the regular local elections. How many women councils will be nominated?

On June 9th, local municipal elections will be held in 14 communities in Aragatsotn, Ararat, Gegharkunik, Lori, Kotayk and Shirak regions.


In 7 of the communities they will elect the head of the community, in  8 –  the council of elders. In one of the villages, both  the village head and  the elderly will be elected. None of 7 communities that will elect a village is a woman.


It is noteworthy that in 8 communities, electing the elderly,  there are women only in three of the functioning councils. One of the three members of the Council of Elders in Ghuralis is Vergine Karapetyan, the same picture in Khnkoyan – only one out of 3 members is a woman – Varduhi Avagyan. Ditak village council has five members, two of them women – Gayane Petrosyan and Azganush Khachatryan. Overall, 4 out of 45 members of the Council of Aldermen in 8 municipalities are women or 8.9%.


To participate in the local elections, the candidates will submit the necessary documents to the relevant territorial electoral commission on May 5th-10th. Registration of nominated candidates will be on May 10th-15th. Candidates for self-withdrawal can submit until May 30th. The pre-election campaign starts on May 22d  and will last until June 7th, 24.00 inclusive.

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