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Local Government Elections -2019. Where are women?

On February 17th, self-governing bodies were elected in 24 communities in Aragatsotn, Ararat, Armavir, Gegharkunik, Lori, Kotayk, Shirak, Vayots Dzor and Tavush regions. The nominations are over and it can be stated that the upcoming elections will be marked by a very low participation of female candidates. On the other hand, the picture is normal in the sense that there were few women in the current community councils.


According to the CEC, regular elections are held in 14 communities. In 11 of them  the community heads will be elected –  in Ohanavan, Yerord, Vardashen, Haykavan, Hovtamej, Nalbandyan, Nor Armavir, Kaghsi, Harich, Tsaghkavan, Aknaghbyur, and in 3  – inrashen, Getahovit and Idjevan – council of elders.


Other 10 communities have snap elections They will be electing heads of the community headquarters in Arevabuyur, Urtsadzor, Vardanashen, Akunak, Vardenis, Dzoraget, Nor Geghi, Ashotsk, Malishka. Two of them, Ashotsk and Urtsadzor, are enlarged communities.


In total, 76 candidates were nominated for community head elections in 20 communities, 72 of them were dismissed. There are no women among them. All candidates are self-nominated, mostly non-party. 16 of them are community leaders or temporary acting officials.


As to the Council of Elders elections, 62 candidates are nominated, only one of them has withdrawn. There are also 5 women out of 61 candidates.


It should be reminded that the elections of the Council of Elders will be held in four communities – Jrashen and Margara of Armavir region, Ijevan and Getahovit communities of Tavush region.


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