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Tina Margaryan. “Come up with new programs and ideas, with the courage to express our own opinion”

Tina Margaryan, a self-nominated candidate in the extraordinary local self-government elections to be held in the Artashat community on September 29, emphasizing the importance of women’s involvement in the Council of Elders, stresses that women should come up with new plans and ideas, be active and express their opinion.


Born in a family of intellectuals, Tina graduates from Artashat N4 primary school and simultaneously with the piano department of the Melik Pashayev Music School, after which she continues her studies in biochemistry at Yerevan State Pedagogical University after Kh.  Abpvyan. Upon graduation, she enrolls in the Pedagogy Chair as an applicant and passes all exams, but continues her studies only after a short break. Since 2000 she has been working as a biology teacher at Artashat primary school. In 2007 he was elected principal of Getazat Community School and since 2018 she has been the principal of Ararat Goletsyan School in Artashat.


Tina Margaryan, a mother of three children and a schoolteacher at the same time, has nevertheless decided to increase her responsibilities with the difficult and responsible work of the council.


According to Tina Margaryan, she would like to see Artashat with much cleaner, refurbished and illuminated streets, greenery, doubled number of beautiful gardens, playgrounds and pavilions built for the elderly. Here are some of the things that are included in a candidate’s pre-election program that she is willing to do if she becomes a member of the council.


As for the participation of women in the improvement of public life, Tina Margaryan is definitely in favor of increasing them in the Council of Elders, because, according to her, women are more prudent and active.

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