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WomenNet.am presents Top 10 Armenian Women-Innovators


We represent the top ten women-innovators selected as a result of the “Top 10  Armenian Women- Innovators” journalistic competition announced by the WomenNet.am website.


Thanks to journalistic work

by Sona Martirosyan, Lia Khojoyan, Arman Gharibyan, Marianna Ghahramanyan, Gayane Sargsyan, Anush Nersisyan and Marjan Chobanyan

The following top ten women-innovators are  included:


Shushan Grigoryan, who became the “face” of the “Woman Innovations” Facebook page, together with her “Pepen” team, develops an animated toy application that will allow you to get an animated film from the most out of the available shots.


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“Freckled-faced girl’s dreams and victories”,

author Sona Martirosyan


Larisa Hovhannisyan, who has founded the “Teach for Armenia” program, has united young multidisciplinary young professionals around one idea: to ensure equal access to education for all children living in Armenia regardless of their place of residence or social status.


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“Change the country through education: Larisa Hovhannisyan’s unconditional love phenomenon”,

author Sona Martirosyan

Melania Yepremyan, who has created the “Child Development Center” in Vardenis, where children of Vardenis and surrounding communities have the opportunity to get free rehabilitation treatment.


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“Melanya Epremyan: The women, who made revolution in Vardenis”,

author Sona Martirosyan

Emma Marashlyan, who revived the idea of photography in the Armenian costumes, embodied the concept of national costume, and interest towards it and formed a new culture of photography.


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Emma Marashlyan: “The art of combining old and new”,

author Lia Khojoyan

Varduhi Harutyunyan, who has established with her colleagues the center “BusyMom”, helps  young mothers, caring for children, to find their place in the labor market. “They come along with their children and while the kids play and have fun in the next room, the moms in the other room get the knowledge they need for their future career.


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Varduhi Harutyunyan: “We help young mothers find their place in the labor market”,

author Lia Khojoyan

Zaruhi Postanjyan, who does not fit into the stereotypes about the place and role of a woman, has come up with innovative approaches to the Armenian political field and assumed the so-called “rule breaker’s” role.


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Zaruhi Postanjyan: “We say no mind, even if men are afraid, let them stand behind us”,

author Arman Gharibyan

Sophie Mehrabyan, who has been working for IT for more than 30 years, remains committed to her credentials –  never stop, do not stop learning, always move forward. Being a Director General of Macadamia Armenia, she serves as an example for young girls in advancing innovative ideas.


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Sofi Mehrabyan: “Ensure your growth every day by one percent and learn something new each day”,

author Marianna Ghahramanyan

Lusine Nalbandyan, an agroecologist, who heads the only company in the world to produce Organic Fertilizers ORWACO, which transforms  compost used in  mushroom production into organic fertilizers, moreover –  in  production volumes.


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Lusine Nalbandyan: “Support may also be in the form of not hindering”,

author Gayane Sargsyan

Gohar Mnatsakanyan, who together with her supporters realized the idea of “Bohemian” studio-tuber in Sevan, not only solving the issue of having rest for the youth  but also that of interesting cultural leisure.


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Gohar Mnarsakanyan’s “Bohem” against the desire to leave the city,

author Marjan Chobanyan

Shaghik Rastgelenyan, who came from Syria and not only accomplished her dreams in Armenia, but also with her  Syrian-Armenian friends contributes to making Armenia recognizable in the world, realizing a Live-love Armenia project, having more than  40 thousand followers in network.


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Shaghik Rastgelenyan: “ I really get power and strength from this land”,

author Anush Nersisyan




Let’s recall, that the “Top 10 Armenian Women-Innovators” Journalistic Contest was launched in December 2017 within the Women and Innovation project, which is being held by WomenNet.am with the support of the Lush Charity Pot charitable initiative.



Several dozens of stories have been featured on the competition, telling stories about women who make changes in the life of society, communities and country through their innovative ideas. The materials were published on WomenNet.am and distributed through the “Women Innovators” Facebook page. The authors of the top ten materials and innovative women presented in these materials have been awarded incentive prizes. The award ceremony took place on May 22d.




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