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“Torunik is a big family, we are doing everything to prevent coronavirus from entering the family.”

As of April 22, Syunik overcame the coronavirus infection. We learned from the Syunik regional administration that all the patients receiving treatment in the hospitals were double-tested, the results were negative, and then the infected people recovered. 25 cases have been registered here… Women WomenNet.am talks to Anahit Hakobyan, who was once elected mayor of Torunik community three times, but now, after enlarging, she works as the administrative head of Torunik.


The small population of Torunik settlement of Sisian enlarged community treats the state of emergency declared in the republic and the restrictions on movement with all state responsibility, says Anahit Hakobyan. According to her, a total of 22 families with 96 inhabitants have organized themselves as one person. The urge to “stay home” has reached everyone and everyone’s ears.


“Let me tell you that our community is very small, we are able to communicate and exchange information by communicating with each other from afar. We are in touch with everyone by phone. I live in the nearby Akhlatyan community. When I come to work in Torunik, I rarely see people outside when the spread of this infection has started. Residents are afraid. Only by distributing the social assistance packages provided by 6 families to the community, I made home visits, ”says Anahit, noting that the aid was distributed to the most needy families – large, with  three  children with disabilities, who do not benefit from the monthly allowance.


Although no cases of infection have been reported in the Sisian region so far, the global epidemic challenge has been taken seriously. During this time, no one is allowed to leave the area, and villagers are not allowed to leave the community. Anahit Hakobyan says she has not encountered any difficulties as an administrative manager in the face of an emergency.


Residents prefer traditional vodka instead of alcohol gels. According to Mrs. Anahit, no preventive measures have been taken to disinfect the community. “We have not done such things. No cases of infection have been registered in our country.


In addition to the regulations set by Commendant, the administrative head has also appealed to the residents of the community. It’s about garbage collection. “I talked to the residents and asked them not to take the household waste out of their area. It is very important to keep the community clean, ”says my interlocutor.


According to her, the fact of being a woman gives certain advantages in communication with the residents. “The working style of women leaders is different, because unlike men, we are able to enter the family, we are able to immediately understand what the care of the family is, which helps to organize the work effectively. Women are more caring, their trust in them is greater, at least that’s what I noticed, ”says Anahit Hakobyan.

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