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Transport problem. residents’ opinion and the candidates’ promises

WomenNet- has conducted a survey in Facebook among 46 citizens using urban transport in order to determine their satisfaction with the surface transportation system, as well as the work of the municipal authorities in this regard. The same topic was also addressed by the candidates vying for the post of mayor in their campaigns.


What do the residents of the capital say?


 All users surveyed, except one, expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of service of public transport, especially mikrobuses (marshrutkas) and the the complaints of citizens mainly related to overburdening of buses, non-regular schedules lack of public transportation, evening and night hours, drivers’ behavior and sanitation situation.


“They are arriving late, there is no place to sit,   the benches are broken, car is dirty, sometimes the windows do not open, some of the old cars are almost out of range,” expressed her opinion Anahid Ayvaz.


Transport works very badly; you do not know when the next bus will come. When it comes, it will be possible to sit or even will you have a chance to stand normally or no. Drivers generally do not know the rules. They speak with passengers in a very rude manner, smoke”, – Mariam Asatryan expresses her opinion.


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