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Bread production in Tsav is entrusted exclusively to women

Last year, in the village of Tsav, about 35 kilometers south of Kapan, in the province of Syunik, a bakery was created, which provided employment to some villagers. Bait production is entrusted exclusively to women.

60-year-old Roza Avagyan is the oldest employee of the workshop. He is the first to come to work, at 2:30. “I come and burn tonir and start kneading the dough, then others come,” says Rosa. She is glad for her and other women to have the opportunity to work but sadly notes that there is a lack of jobs in the village as a whole. “There are so many people in the village, who want to work, but there is nothing to do, during the Soviet Union there was a lot of work”.


“The only goal of establishing a bakery was to provide our fellow villagers with jobs,” says Arsen Aghajanyan, founder of the workshop. He is a pedagogue by profession; he was the director of the Tsav secondary school. Along with doing business in the Russian Federation, he has always helped his fellow villagers, but recently he realized that it is more important to create a workforce for the villagers so that the village cannot be dismantled.


At present, Tsav’s bakery supplies bread and lavash not only to Tsavi, but also to nearby villages and to residents of Kapan. “We do not give our own bread to the shops so that they do not add a price. We know who our customers are, and we bring our bread home by car, “says Arsen Aghajanyan.


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