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“My daughters are support and strength for me”


38-year-old Galya Mesropyan was born in Kapan, grew up in grandparents’ house in Tsav village. She was married at the age of 18 in the village and did not get professional education. “I wanted to become a designer-fashion designer, but because of social conditions I could not study”.


Galya has four daughters, says that if she health and chances had allowed, she would have another child. “I would also like to have a boy who would be his father’s assistant. My husband now has serious health problems, I have become a man with him, I break the wood with him and do everything, “says Galya.

Parents are happy that they have four girls; Galya is surprised to find that sex abortions often occur in Armenia. “I love children very much at the same time, girls are more caring… I did not have a sister, now my daughters help me and give strength,” says the mother.


Galya says that they have nothing to do with the choice of profession, and children are free to choose what they want.


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