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“We have all entered a minefield of enmity and hatred.”

Styopa Safaryan, Chairman of the Public Council, made a disgraceful sexist remark to Azeri scholar Angela Elibegova, crossing all the boundaries of education and upbringing. Unacceptable behavior by an official has been severely criticized.


“She is Angela from SNCO of Serzh and his son-in-law. For a decade, the money of the SNCO was “eaten” as if they were “pushing” an information war against the Azerbaijanis, but on the other hand they were attacking us with fakes. Look at what they are doing now, you will be convinced. Now they are in a brass climax due to the loss of power. The last hope was the mailbox of Serzh’s son-in-law, and no one is interested in that, and has become only fun the public. It’s a pity that there are women, otherwise I would have told you what to put on your legs. Tell the son-in-law to collect his vulgar and unhygienic stuff. We don’t have such time, “wrote the chairman of the Public Council, who has no official right to use such vocabulary.


“I expect a response”…


In response to this post, Angela Elibegova wrote: “So then:


  1. I suggest taking the above-mentioned “facts” about me to the police on Monday morning and consistently proving their authenticity, all the levers of the legal system are at your disposal. If you can’t prove it, let’s say you’re just blowing air again.
  2. You can write freely on the Internet about your wife, your sister, your mother’s body parts, my body is my and my husband’s personal space. If you were a man, I might demand and apologize for your vulgar vocabulary, but alas.
  3. However, I draw the attention of many NGOs dealing with women’s rights to the behavior of the chairman of the Public Council, and I expect a response.”\


Arman Tatoyan.


“People in public office should be restrained and not allow insults, hate speech, or any other form of violence.”

Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan’s response to Safaryan’s post,  particularly called for an end to the dangerous habit of insulting and humiliating each other.


“It leads to dangerous consequences, it multiplies insult and hatred, it ultimately provokes violence. This is especially true for those who engage in public activities, especially those who hold public office, who must be restrained and not allow insults, hate speech, or violence. In the case of public officials, the requirements are more stringent, as they have a specific status and are limited to that status. Any deviation can have legal consequences, including liability.


It is a matter of great concern when the President of the Public Council of the country is insulting and degrading a person’s dignity, as he is a a person who acts as a public official, the head of a body created by law and with a specific legal status to promote mutual trust, dialogue and partnership in society.


A study of the post written by the head of the Public Council shows that this was done by insulting a woman and targeting her gender. What is more worrying is that this post makes comments that degrade dignity and generate hatred, which are not only not removed, but also clearly encouraged.


In any kind of debate, only substantive issues should be discussed without insulting the opponent or degrading his dignity. These are the rules that will contribute to the atmosphere of solidarity and mutual respect in the society, “the ombudsman said.


Naira Zohrabyan.


“There is nothing more disgusting than moral default”.


Naira Zohrabyan, Chair of the Human Rights Commission, spoke about moral collapse.

“There is no more cowardly step than targeting a woman, at least for me. And it doesn’t matter from which political flank that woman is: impulsive, enlightened, from some extra-parliamentary force, from political activists, or Styopa Safaryan’s sister, who was targeted for hatred? I was deeply saddened when I read the post of the chairman of the Public Council addressed to Azeri scholar Angela Elibegova. All of us have entered a minefield of hatred, enmity, and a dead Stalker zone to devour each other and ourselves. There is nothing more disgusting than a moral default. This is another minefield where we are all slowly exploding. I don’t know why, but I think Styopa Safaryan will apologize to Angela Elibegova. Because it will be right, “Naira Zohrabyan wrote.


Tsovinar Kostanyan.

“I call on women political and public figures to show solidarity”


According to Tsovinar Kostanyan, Deputy Chairman of the “Social Justice Party”, there is a need to protect the rights and dignity of women in politics in Armenia. And this is indiscriminately for ALL women in our country who are engaged in social and political activities.


She called on women politicians and public figures to show solidarity, regardless of political views, and condemn this process so that we can work together to create a high-value political culture in Armenia.


Ani Samsonyan.


“I am not convinced that those who “bravely”  insult the dignity of a woman can be sincere even when apologizing”.


NA Deputy Ani Samsonyan, referring to the post made by the Chairman of the Public Council Styopa Safaryan on Facebook with obscene expressions, wrote:


“Now, if someone demands an honor from the chairman of the Public Council Styopa Safaryan for insulting Azeri scholar Angela Elibegova, they will say that someone is provoking. Then they will say that those who demand honor are “black”, representatives of some gang, then they will say that they are making a counter-revolution and will blow dust in the eyes of the people again. They will justify the insult and immoral behavior. I’m not even sure that those who insult women’s dignity bravely, those considering themselves public or political figures, can be sincere even when they apologize. It is more important for them to save their “rating” in the eyes of the people than to value politeness and values. As for the chairman of the Public Council, in the near future, “the post reads.


Arpine Hovhannisyan.

“Insulting women is the behavior of weak and narrow-minded people, especially in the absence of arguments.”


Former NA Deputy Speaker Arpine Hovhannisyan wrote on her Facebook page ․ “I have known Angela Elibegova for a long time. Principled, professional and humane. I have seen professionalism many times and I was convinced in that when neutralizing many resolutions of the Azerbaijanis in the PACE, useful and competent information was needed. Insulting women is the behavior of weak and narrow-minded people, especially in the absence of arguments. I know this better from my personal experience. Angela’s professionalism is a fact and by discussing and targeting her external features, that fact will not change. Angela will not be upset, she will not back down, she will not be afraid, she will not stop doing her favorite and useful job. ”


Anna Kostanyan.

“I demand the removal of the Chairman of the Public Council from his position”.


Anna Kostanyan, a member of the “Bright Armenia” faction, made a demand to remove the chairman of the Public Council from his position as soon as possible for regularly targeting and humiliating specific members of the public.


“Yes, I reaffirm that any person engaged in public activities has no right to utter insults and hate speech, especially targeting a person’s sexual characteristics. I also state that since taking office, the Chairman of the Public Council has not stopped targeting specific individuals and their activities on social platforms, in case he, at least due to his position as Chairman of the Public Council, should at least refrain from incorrect public statements.


Elinar Vardanyan.

“Calls on the inadmissibility of degrading dignity remain extinct”


“I would like to remind once again how condemnable it is when the lack of arguments is filled with insults, that the easiest way is to transfer the bankruptcy of the arguments to the personal field. The post that violates Angela Eliebegova’s dignity was done by insulting a woman and targeting her gender.


I would like to remind you once again that the habit of inflicting cheap insults should be stopped. Unfortunately, due to the formed atmosphere in the country, the number of hateful insults and tensions, calls for the inadmissibility of degrading the dignity of others are regular, but they remain extinct, ”wrote Elinar Vardanyan, a member of the Alternative Projects group.

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