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A high-level group for expanding women’s economic rights was set up at the UN


We live in a world where women are paid less salary for the same job than men, where women have less resources and capital than men, where women have difficulties in accessing information, markets, finances, technologies. Meanwhile, women bear the huge burden of unpaid job at home. Not surprisingly, the majority of women around the world belong to the most vulnerable and lowest paid class.


For the purpose of overcoming this and other manifestations of gender inequality hindering the realization of sustainable development goals, the UN Secretary-General set up a high-level group for expanding women’s economic rights. This was the first attempt in the history of the UN to engage world leaders and prominent public figures, famous economists, trade union activists and representatives of public authorities to eliminate obstacles to gender equality.


Establishment of the group proves that Sustainable development is impossible without gender equality and the 5th goal (gender equality) is an important prerequisite for the implementation of Sustainable Development 17 goals.


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