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Varduhi Avagyan: “So that years later, when they hear what I have done, can be happy and proud, and take the example.”

In Khnkoyan Community of Lori region special elections of local self-government bodies are scheduled for June 9th, 2019. Two of the six candidates nominated for the Council of Elders are Siranush Harutyunyan, 61, and Varduhi Avagyan, 48. Varduhi is a member of the current Council of Elders, for the second time she is nominating her candidacy.


For the first time, the mother-in-law did not agree with her, but seeing that her sons and grandchildren had agreed to Vartouhi’s decision, she did not stand against her, moreover she began to encourage her and  to help her in the  household.


Varduhi says that Khnkoyan had afemale  community head, Aghunik. In the village, she still is spoken with respect and reverence, telling about her good deeds. She had just been lucky enough to meet the mayor of the city twice, but she was impressed. For Varduhi she remained as strong and capable woman.


The woman has always been in the decision-making process; it’ has not been noticed talked about little or concealed, and that’s why that role was observed more passively, than now.


Khnkoyan is an aging village and has a kindergarten, but there are no kindergarten-age children in the village, there are many emigrants, we need to develop ways to keep young people in the village, but it’s a global problem and it’s not possible to solve such issues only by the village forces.


Varduhi calls on women and girls to walk confidently and courageously, especially when successful examples of women leaders in our country are increasing day by day. She assures that she will work in the near future as well, believing that what she is doing today is not only for herself and her family.

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