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Young specialists alarm about injustice

Beneficiaries of “Renaissance” youth center, young specialists are outraged: the preconditions for obtaining an apartment on affordable mortgage have been changed. The young specialists alarm – the new requirements of the Central Bank are not fair. WomenNet.am touches on the details of the issue, noting that young women and single mothers aged 35 are especially affected by the change of conditions.


In March of this year, the mortgage pre-conditions for rent of “Renaissance” flats were announced – 20% prepayment, up to 20 years maturity, up to 8.5% annual interest rate. Then, within the framework of the same program, the terms of mortgage lending of “Zeytun 3” were announced at the annual interest rate: 6.9%, maturity – 30 years, maximum loan amount – 25 million AMD, advance payment – 3%.


Young specialists have been waiting for the lottery since the beginning of the year, and even since last year, the construction, which should have already begun, and the central bank has issued a statement, diminishing poorer and inaccessible conditions for the project.


According to young specialists, the failure of the “Renaissance Town” program can indirectly affect family, birth, and many other issues. While the beneficiaries of this program had great plans for their future, some families planned to have the next child and get a bigger apartment. Some families have sold their apartment and now they are in trouble,  have to rent, do not have the required prepayment for other programs, many beneficiaries because of the program’s failure refusing or postponing marriage, having a baby, and finally building a future in their own country.


“This is a social issue. And since the problem of girls in our country is sharp, let’s take one example: the young single parent benefit from the CBA’s program only in case she is up to the age of 35. Well, then, after age 35, a girl or a single mother is doomed to rent or not get out of her father’s home, “says our interlocutor Karen Balumyan.


Meanwhile, over the past 10 years, 2300 specialists have been able to get affordable mortgage apartments due to the “Affordable Housing for Young Specialists” housing social insurance program of “YSU Alumni Association” NGO.

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