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Vergine Karapetyan: “I want to know a lot so that I can help people with my knowledge”

Arjahovit, formerly Ghursal, community resident Vergine Karapetian, has been in the community council for eight years. She has nominated her candidacy for the third time in the the forthcoming local government snap elections.


“I do not know why, but for the last two years, I have been working more actively and I want to do another good job for my community, that is the reason I decided to run for the third time,” says Vergine.


The Arjahovit community has many problems, including those directly dealing with young villagers like Vergine and her husband. For example, the community has no kindergarten. If there were a kindergarten in the village, young mothers would have at least a little free time, and their children would not be deprived of pre-school education.


Vergine, in her work, always has support of the family –  mother-in-law, husband, even children … The latter are a little older and  it is relatively easy for Vergine. Her recent activity in the local self-governing bodies is probably also conditioned by this.  


There is no discriminating attitude towards women in the community; they do not point out  being a woman, she is the only woman in the council, but she considers the presence of women  in Council of Elders as very important.


Vergine is convinced in her decision, she thinks that she has done a lot of work for the village and villagers in the past, and there are many things to do in the near future. This time she   runs her candidacy to complete them. She does not hold a campaign, as she has worked for 8 years, everyone has seen and is familiar with her work.

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