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Hundreds of thousands of women joined the march, complaining about the manifestations of injustice

Hundreds of thousands of women went out to streets in the United States on January 20th to participate in the Women’s march, with the aim of attracting political figures and public attention to issues of inequality, including sexism.


According to The Independent, in particular, about 100 thousand participated in the action in New York and 300 thousand in Los Angeles. Actresses Natalie Portman, Scarlet Johansson, Eva Longoria and others performed in front of the demonstrators.


On the stretched posters held by women on the streets reminded about the protection of human rights and the need to maintain gender equality, as well as criticisms of US President Donald Trump.


Meanwhile, Tramp, against the policy of whom the protesters are protesting, has reacted with irony to the march. “It’s a great weather around the whole country, ideal day for women. Get out and celebrate the historic period and unprecedented success in the economy. The lowest level of women’s unemployment in 18 years, “wrote the American leader in his Twitter.


Meanwhile, the second march of women was also remarkable because her participants expressed solidarity with the Time S Up and #MeToo movement against sexual harassment at work.


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