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The role of women in ensuring food security and nutrition: Reference to international conference


By the invitation Oxfam regional office the international conference on food security and nutrition was held in Tbilisi on June 15-16, during which governmental bodies, representatives of civil society, local and international experts from Georgia and Armenia, as well as from Europe, discussed the current state of food security and nutrition in the region  analyzed the challenges and shared their experience with the products of local production support policies, nutrition and food systems models. The conference agenda also included discussions about the role of women and expanding their opportunities in the field of food security and nutrition.


The two-day conference held within the frame of the program “Enhancing food security in the region through national strategies and rural small industries” funded by the European Union and implemented by Oxfam”. Within this project Oxfam has conducted extensive research to identify the main problems in Armenia and Georgia in improving food security and contributing to local production.


“Supporting small industries in Armenia and Georgia can help provide the residents with diverse, high-quality and cheaper food. Therefore, it is important to support the government, which could help small farmers improve the quality of their production and easily penetrate the market”, – said international organization Oxfam’s regional manager Benoit Trudel in an interview with reporters, on food security.


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