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Why were there no womon in art? (photos)

In fact, women have always been creative in creating beautiful works of art, but so far there is a misinterpretation that women have never been in art, or have not created any valuable work that would be worth paying attention. Another issue is that women have always been hindered by to create, and even what was created has never had public access, and as a result, there has been an opinion that there were no women artists.


Painter Mariam Mughdusyan has organized an open lecture at the Mughdusian Art Center founded by her on the topic “Art and Prejudice. Sexism in Art”. (Let us remind you that sexism is an ideology and practice of discrimination on the basis of gender).


“The woman has often been a source of inspiration for male artists; in the painting, the woman’s body has often been the fundament based on which many masterpieces were created. It only seems that  women were passive, just being an inspiration. In reality there were many female artists, we just got little information about them”, – said Mariam.


According to her, women have always been discriminated  and had no equal opportunities to educate and develop their abilities. Obstacles have continued even when educational institutions  opened their doors to women.


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