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Women’s involvement in business has increased significantly: ARMENPRESS

The International Day of Women Entrepreneurship, approved by the United Nations in 2014
and celebrated on November 19th, is the best opportunity to assess the potential of women in
the economic, political and social field.


Although various public and private programs and initiatives in Armenia have promoted
women’s work in various projects in recent years, the figures still do not give rise to
“boasting”. The picture was different about a decade ago, now it can be seen that women have
become more bold and purposeful, and there are even numerous examples of successful business stories in the remote regions being mostly women, and this phenomenon is certainly
not just for one or two families. It solves the problem of bread, but also promotes proportional
economic development in the regions.


About two months ago, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan mentioned that as
envisaged by the pre-election program, they intend to make profound changes that will create
new real opportunities for increasing women’s social, economic and political activism. The
Prime Minister attached importance to women’s economic activity from the point of view of
national security, appreciating the unity and strength of women underlying the revolution.
Opportunities to expand women’s involvement in economic and social life, to secure self-
employment in different areas and to fully realize their potential are large, but their obstacles
are different, according to Lilit Asatryan, President of the Armenian Young Women’s


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