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Women in the IT industry: successes and problems


The IT sector has played a major role in the development of national economies of different countries in recent years. However, there is a stereotype that this area is for men and only there they can achieve serious heights. Nevertheless, as the experience proves, women overcome this stereotype and achieve success in the field. “Women in the Information Technologies: Problems and Challenges ” discussion, organized by OxYGen Foundation together with the Girls in Tech (GIT) Armenian branch was devoted to this and Other issues related to women’s involvement in IT.


According to statistics, women’s involvement in the IT sector is low, at an average of 20 percent. Seda Papoyan, executive director of Girls in Tech Armenia, says women’s involvement in Armenia is 30 percent  – more than the average percent in the world. “The share of women in our country is one of the highest in the IT industry. Especially over the past two years, women’s interest in the IT sphere has increased dramatically, “said Seda Papoyan.


Nonetheless, like in other spheres, there are few women in the IT sphere with high pay and leadership positions as a result of which there is a significant difference between salaries of men and women in this area. “Recently, the Prime Minister of Armenia met with heads of leading IT companies. There was only one woman among the four men participating in that meeting, and that’s a fact. At the same time, I must say that interest in the sphere is gradually increasing. There is an absolutely groundless idea that the structure of the brain of the girls allegedly does not allow them to engage in science and technology. Fortunately, the girls overcome that stupid stereotype and have the courage to enter science, technology, ” emphasized Seda Papoyan.


The special guest of the meeting was the former President of Slovenia Danilo Turk, who was in Yerevan on a three-day visit, headed by a high-ranking delegation from the World Leadership Alliance Madrid Club.

Talking about the goals of his visit to Armenia, Danilo Turk stated that they want to understand what is the state of labor rights in Armenia and what can we expect from the government especially after the changes in the country?


Drawing parallels with Slovenia, she noted that women and men in their country have almost equal participation in the labor market, whereas in senior positions, the picture is different. Speaking of the difference in remuneration for women and men, he mentioned that the difference between the EU countries in Slovenia is the lowest.


Danilo Tyrk gave some examples of how they were able to move from that problem to a better state. He noted that in the first place in their country the television played an important role.


In the promotion of women, in his words, the awards are also important.


Talking about IT development prospects, Danilo Turk noted that according to statistics in Slovenia, the most successful IT enterprises operate in the country where previously mining was developed.



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