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New initiative of Prime Minister’s wife

During her visit to Moscow, RA Prime Minister’s spouse Mrs. Anna Hakobyan visited the Tretyakov Gallery on July 24th where she also met with a number of women from different Russian spheres. In the course of the meeting the Prime Minister’s Lady informed the participants about the “Women for Peace” campaign, asking to accept her statement exclusively as that of a woman and mother.


Noting that the main mission of the initiative is to contribute to the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict, Anna Hakobyan said, in particular: “In fact, I think it is not important how this conflict has arisen. The important thing is the human life, the young human lives that are paid for that conflict. ”


Anna Hakobyan recalled days of the four-day war in 2016, when she, as the head of the news agency, followed both the Armenian and Azerbaijani news, watched all the reports. “Believe me, watching Azerbaijani soldiers, I was recording that these children were not different from our soldiers, their expression was the same, scared and restless,” Hakobyan noted.


“I want to say that no politics, no political gain can justify the brutal death of children who are just beginning to live, their parents’ pain and the longing for orphaned children,” said the Prime Minister’s spouse, noting that now she cannot keep silent and raises her voice.


She urged policy makers from all sides to maximize the use of cannons and asked participants to join the peacekeeping mission for the sake of preserving the lives of young people on both sides of the border.


For this purpose, Mrs. Hakobyan invited those present to visit Armenia and Artsakh and make a call from there. She also asked women to use the opportunity to refer to this important message from Azerbaijan on the other side of the border.


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