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Best and worst countries for women. Armenia is in the 82nd place

Armenia ranks 82nd out of 167 countries in the Women, Peace and Security Index compiled by National Geographic. The index identifies the best and worst countries for women, taking into account 11 indicators in three main areas: women’s involvement in public administration, social and economic life, access to justice for women (formal and informal protection from discrimination), security (at home, in the family, in the community). and in society).


Of the neighboring countries, Georgia is in 46th place, Azerbaijan – 123, Turkey – 114, Iran – 118th. Belarus is in the 38th place among CIS countries, Kazakhstan – in the 43rd place and Russia – in the 51st place.


The best countries for women are Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Sweden, the Netherlands. The worst countries in the rating are Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen.


The Women, Peace, and Security Index is compiled annually in 2017 and aims to assess and accelerate women’s advancement in all areas of life, given the vision that countries are as peaceful and prosperous as full and equal rights are given to women and opportunities.

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