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Armenia’s women in the labor market: between obstacles and barriers


The causes of unemployment of married women and men in Armenia differ greatly. If married men point out the lack of jobs, studying and disability as a cause for unemployment, in case of women in addition to the lack of jobs, among the most common reasons are childcare and the fact that their husbands are against their working. This is evidenced by the survey conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the purpose of which was to clarify the situation connected with ensuring equal accessibility of economic resources and equal opportunities of women and men in the labor market.


According to the survey, 84% of married men said that they cannot find jobs, 7% – have disability. In case of married women the results are as follows: 51% cannot find job, 28% take care of child, 19% – their husbands are against their working.


According to the results of the survey we can suggest that although employment is a problem for both women and men, but in case of women there are obviously more difficulties, as especially married women often face the problem of combining the work and family.


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