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The capital needs maternity love and care

In a few days  forces participating in the municipal elections  will mercilessly give promises to reform the capital, to increase green areas, to settle the problem of garbage disposal keeping the city clean, to improve the state of public transport, eliminating the bumpy roads, the demolition of illegal structures, and I do not know what else…


Previous experience has shown that a significant part of the promises remains as a memorial from campaign. After the elections citizens continue to voice about of the passages every now and then dirty downtown, sewage pipeline of the suburbs, dark streets, elevator malfunction, the icy streets and  many other issues.


On the eve of the election authorities submitting reports on their work, the funds spent probably should not forget that sometimes their inaction costs lives. Let’s recall that in 2015, the incident took place in Ajapnyak  administrative district of Yerevan., the 37-year-old woman died as a result of elevator  cab disfunction. This is not the only case, unfortunately., According to the municipal authorities, there is no money for the renewal of old elevators.


 Last winter showed willingness and ability to work of the city authorities. After a few days of heavy snow streets were not cleansed throughout the whole winter. Ice had not been cleaned from the yards of schools and kindergartens. Only spring sun removed  thick layer of ice from sidewalks and yards.


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