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Yerevan will have new council next month

Recently, the Central Electoral Commission of Armenia has made a decision to hold extraordinary elections to Yerevan Council of Elders. Accordingly, they will be held on September 23. And since the matter concerns snap elections, the campaign will start on September 10 and will last just 12 days until September 21. The deadline for submission of applications for participation in the elections is September 3.


At this moment it is known about intention to participate in the elections of about a dozen political forces. The favorite of the campaign is Hayk Marutyan, a candidate for the “Civil Contract” party of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. His rival is Naira Zohrabyan, a candidate from Prosperous Armenia.


In parallel with this, it is obvious that political forces will trust men in the first place on their lists, with the exception of those forces that are headed by a woman. The only exception in this sense is Yerkir Tsirani Party, whose top three lists are represented by three women at once – Zaruhi Postanjyan and according to preliminary information, members of the current council, Marina Khachatryan and Sona Aghekyan.


In fact, the unofficial start of the campaign can be considered opened. And, as far as we know today, the forces will try to campaign with new technologies and give new color to the traditional yard meetings, for example, via Facebook Connections.


Zaruhi Postanjyan still keeps silent, who has always been remarkably active in her short-term activities. It is possible that she is afraid of the pre-election “FALSTART”. As we have already mentioned, the official campaign has not yet begun, and in the near future a sharp and interesting election campaign is expected.



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