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“Fine Art of  Making  Family Decisions” …

Results of the research conducted by World Vision-Armenia ” has been presented to the public by such a remarkable subtitles: “Fine Art of  Making  Family Decisions – The “Invisible Side of everyday life: Gender stereotypes in everyday life “. That is the reason for thinking about the topic, comparing the observations of the families I know to the experts’ conclusions.


When I am invited to someone’s place,  I instinctively pay attention to the presence of a dressing table at home, its location, condition, purity, toiletries, cosmetics. It is landlady’s face is in the sense that it is a woman’s personal space and best reflects the woman’s position and role in the family. At least, I have noticed some patterns as a result of my “studies”: women with “good” dressing tables are usually made up of self-determining and promoting their opinions on many issues. I do not know if the events you recall will coincide with this pattern, but there are some examples of my hypothesis …


Based on the findings of “The Invisible Side of the everyday life: Gender Stereotypes, we can state that households have clearly separated decisions made by women and men. Women make decisions about cleanliness, food preparation, home furniture, home remodeling, and so on, all that concerns the “interior” of the home.


Research has shown that in many families, younger brides are frequently turn to their mothers-in-law for an advice and are generally not bothered by the fact that decisions are made by their mother-in-law.


However, in the family as in the public life, there is the so-called “invisible ceiling” when the woman rises, she casts the ceiling and cannot make decisions beyond it, men are deciding for it, “says the psychologist. Particularly low is the “ceiling” in families where the woman is engaged only in housework.


The survey reveals that the economic side is an important factor. “The woman doing homework has less authority than a man who earns money,” conclude the researchers.


Summarizing his observations in recent years, the expert thinks that women in Armenia are becoming increasingly independent, and they are actively involved in making family-related decisions. In short, they begin to have a clearer understanding of “fine art of making family decisions”.

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