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“My family has always respected my decisions and it gives me great power”

Thousands of women and girls were also active participants in the velvet revolution in Armenia in the spring. Their civic activism, the barricades on the streets, the readiness to strike, and the fact that the front line fighters in many places have made an impression that the Armenian society has overcome stereotypical thinking. In the days of revolution, women made equal decisions with men, closed the streets, fought with law enforcement officers, and suffered but did we reinforce the idea that a woman can not only be able to be alone but also to have an equal country and economy with her family? : Or maybe this was the start of that road …


WomenNet.am’s interlocutors are women and girls who have been active in those days who have been able to overcome public barriers and dissatisfaction with the family, ignoring condemning views and even physical pain and injuries, and that all of us unifying everyone “we are the owners of our country “Idea. Today, months after the revolution, they are all convinced that they were right and their involvement in the revolution, regardless of the remaining circumstances, was justified …


Our interlocutor 20-year-old Shushan thinks that our public opinion is gradually shifting towards active women and girls, and that change is positive. “Of course, there are some changes in people’s mentality and stereotypes, but many things still need to be changed. And since we understand that everything is not happening at the same time, we have a lot to do in every place, either in the universities or in other fields, “she added.


Journalist Ninel Hovhannisyan does not work at present, is busy with two children, but is planning to return to work soon. She did not believe in the Velvet Revolution at the beginning, saying that she was skeptical about its success, but the process gave hope and when she realized that everything was serious and everyone’s participation was important, decided to participate. Moreover, male members of the family participated in demonstrations. And the idea of ​​taking part with the kids was born entirely at the time of the debate on the Internet.


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