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Zoya Martirosyan. “I wish the residents of the community live with great faith and confidence in tomorrow”

WomenNet.am had an Interview with is Dr. Zoya Martirosyan, a physician and director of the Hripsime Medical Association in Shatin community in Vayots Dzor, who is participating in the local self-governing elections with slogan  “Next to You and For the Sake of You”. She has nominated her candidacy as a community council member in Shatin, which has become a center for 12 community communities.


Zoya Martirosyan, living and working in Shatin for 26 years, is well aware of her native birthplace issues, and, as she says, she wants to contribute to the development of the community and solve social-economic problems.


The Hippocrates’ sworn owing nurse cared for the well-being of the residents of Shatin and adjacent communities, with a sense of responsibility for the lives of their fellow villagers.


– I do not imagine any other field where I could work with such love and devotion. My medicine is my mission because it is the most humane profession in all professions. For 26 years, I have devoted all my strength, knowledge and ability to this sacred mission, having spent the best years of my life at a bed of sick child and old people “, – says Zoya.


Though Zoya never intends to participate in community management, finding that everyone should engage in his/her profession, however, the presence of many unresolved problems is of great concern to her as a community member.


Choosing the slogan “Next to you and For the sake of you” Zoya Martirosyan wants to ease the concerns of the residents.


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